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Keith has worked with independent shops, small groups, and national groups in the gift sector for around 18 years including Jewellery.  Gracie Louise Jewellery is for Ladies and Girls with the aim to bring good quality that you can rely upon at an affordable price.
Gracie Louise Jewellery is 925 Sterling Silver including the chains that the necklaces are supplied with.  We then add enamel (decorative art), Cubic Zirconia Gemstones (a very attractive and cost-effective synthetic gemstone) and coat the product in Rhodium (more expensive than gold, which is why our products are not solid Rhodium, but it is harder wearing giving a protective coat, a nicer finish and stops the black tarnish that sweat can do to silver chains) or most of the girls is E-Plated (Electroplating is another method used to give a better resistance to tarnishing and scratches).
The name is made from Gracie my daughter’s name and Louise my partners.  
The above allow us to offer attractive products that are aimed to be affordable by most, will last and perform well.
We hope you like Gracie Louise products and welcome any feedback.

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Keith Waite



We have been selling Gracie Lousie Jewellery for a few months now and have seen great growth in sales. Keith is very easy to work with and always has us and our shop at his first though.
Pretty Adorable
Pretty Adorable