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Gracie Louise Jewellery is a family business owned by Keith Waite of KW Marketing.  Keith is a Sales Agent who has been working in the Gift industry for over 10 years.  Gracie Louise is named after his daughter Gracie and partner Louise.
During Keith’s time as a Sales Agent he is consistently considering what is currently working in the market, what opportunities there are, what the public are looking for and what retailers are asking for.  This, Keith’s 6 years experience of selling Jewellery to trade mixed with my daughters love of pretty items brought me to Gracie Louise Jewellery.
Gracie Louise Jewellery is 925 Solid Silver which  either Rhodium, Gold or E-Plated.    Solid silver is used as it is an attractive, cost effective and more importantly Hypoallergenic (Nickel Free).   Our products are then plated with either Rhodium, Gold or it is E-plated.  This gives a harder wearing layer which stops the Silver from tarnishing  (not going black and therefore  it does not need cleaning regularly) and stops the items from scratching or damaging as easily.    The Rhodium gives a lovely shinny finish that is used on white gold.   The E-plate will give the natural silver finish look.    This allows us to offer an attractive, cost effective long lasting reliable product!   We offer a good range of girls and ladies earrings and pendants.  The majority of our RRP’s are set below £40 with girls studs mainly at £15 and girls pendants  mainly at £25.
We decided to offer a range of Girls as there is not a lot in the market so with my daughters help we have been able to put together a range of  fun, cost effective, safe reliable studs and pendants.
It was also important for us to use boxes made from recycled material that can also be recycled that do not have air miles.  Our boxes are a lovely pink cardboard which is made and printed in the UK.  
We have no minimum order level, you can buy all items in single units and £100 covers carriage.  If you are not happy with the product we will refund you your money.

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Keith Waite
keith Waite